Do you often:

  • find it challenging to hear and trust your intuition, so you worry about making the wrong decision

  • create plans and commit to things but you don't always follow through

  • feel misaligned in some part of your life or business

  • feel like you're always pushing and have to work hard to get what you desire

If you said 'Yes' to any of these, there's a high chance you're not operating in full alignment with your Human Design

And because of that, you're not where you want and could be.

Imagine if you could:

  • feel so much more alignment in your life and business, so you're excited to wake up every single day

  • master your energy, so you can create sustainable routines and support yourself without burning out

  • advise and guide your clients towards transformational results (hello, great testimonials!)

  • make the right decisions every time, so you build massive self-trust

All of this is possible when you master the basics of Human Design

This powerful tool for personal development and growth can help you uncover who you truly are at your core, shed the layers of expectations of how you 'should' be and ditch the life and business 'rules' that no longer feel aligned.

Master Your Design will support you to:

Uncover your potential

Discover your unique strengths, areas of wisdom and growth and how you specifically can make intuitive decisions. With the knowledge and understanding of your Human design, you'll feel empowered to a whole new level

Embody your design

Gain complete clarity around your unique energetic blueprint, so you can remove resistance and attract clients, abundance and opportunities with ease

Guide your clients

Learn to confidently read and understand a Human Design chart, so you can advise, guide and support your clients. If you're a coach, consultant, service provider or anyone who works with people, Human Design is a potent tool to have in your toolbox.

Unlike other Human Design programs that are heavily theory-based, Master Your Design was created with application in mind.

It's designed by a coach for coaches, consultants and anyone who wants to support their clients more powerfully!

Inside this program, you'll get:

Foundational knowledge

Learn the 4 core aspects that will allow you to deliver readings, understand how you and your clients work and how to support them.

Practical application

Learn with practical examples. Train yourself with practice exercises, and receive feedback on a mock reading

Q&A call recordings

Go deeper and see Human Design applied to different client situations.

Here's what my clients have to say:

Inside this course:

  MODULE 1: Foundations
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 2: Types
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 3: Startegies
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 4: Authorities
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE 5: Lines and Profiles
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Q&A Calls
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS: Uncover your strengths
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS: How to deliver a reading
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Hi, I'm Mili and I'm your 1/3 Manifesting Generator human design coach

Since discovering Human Design, I've gained so much clarity around how I work best, trippled my business growth and helped 20+ clients to master their design.

I combine my human design expertise with my marketing and business knowledge to create tangible, practical ways to apply Human Design to your every day life and business.

Since working with me, my clients have also become obsessed with Human Design and applying it in their business. They've experienced effortless sales, going viral on Instagram, felt more fulfillment and joy and let go of the stuffy business rules that weren't serving them.

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